I3 Transcooter




The i3 Scooter features a storage compartment on the floorboard, a USB port so you can charge your cell phone, a battery compartment switch to easily switch from one battery to another when your power is running low, and durable cushioned seat for maximum comfort no matter where you choose to ride.  The i3 Scooter also comes in 2 unique colors, Blue and Burgundy, to match your style.


The i3 Scooter comes with one battery, but has the option to store and use a second battery. The i3 Scooter’s battery compartment is secure and access to the compartment can only be accomplished with the scooter key, ensuring that no unauthorized persons can ever drive your scooter away. Additionally, a switch under the battery compartment allows the operator of the scooter to switch between batteries. 



Why the iLiving i3 Scooter will change your life TODAY

Choosing a mobility scooter can be a tough decision. You need to consider your needs – what will it be used for primarily? Does it need to travel with you often? Where will you primarily use your scooter – home, travel, outdoors, etc.?

The iLiving i3 foldable scooter empowers you to go anywhere you want. Its lightweight, compact design and three second folding capabilities allow you to easily travel with your scooter in a car, bus, plane or cruise ship.


Our scooters are built to handle all of your mobile needs and go almost anywhere. Many people enjoy travel in an RV, cruise ship or on a plane. You do not have to let a mobility issue repress your desire to see the world and travel to places with your family. iLiving mobile scooters are designed with travel in mind and allow you to regain your freedom.

iLiving mobile scooters meets all FAA regulations for air travel. Our foldable, compact, lightweight design allows for a smooth travel experience taking you everywhere you want to go.

When you are flying or cruising, the width and storage size of a mobility scooter becomes more important than when you’re at home. iLiving scooters fold up in three (3) seconds, allowing easy storage in your car, a plane or on a cruise ship with limited space.


iLiving mobility scooters feature a number of benefits that allow you to enhance your travel experience and enjoy more time with family. When you purchase an iLiving scooter it comes with the following features built in:

  • Lightweight and foldable

  • Weighs only 53 pounds and supports passengers weight of up to 300 pounds

  • Folds in seconds for easy storage in your car, SUV or closet

  • Lithium-ion battery can travel up to 14 miles

  • FDA cleared medical device

  • Removable seat and seat cover

  • Requires almost no maintenance and made out of durable material

  • Is the most convenient, innovative and portable mobility device on the market today.

Q: Can you bring your scooter on a plane?

A: Yes. Our scooters are lightweight and travel very easily on a plane.

Q: Do I need tax and insurance on my scooter?

A: No. Our scooters do not require any additional taxes or insurance. Buy it and use it right away with no issues or concerns.

Q: Does the scooter fit into a car?

A: Yes. Our scooters fold-up and fit into most vehicles very easy. Great for your RV, car and can go anywhere you need it.

I3 Transcooter

$2,850.00 Regular Price
$2,500.00Sale Price